Clearing the PeopleSoft Cache

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Dynamically clearing the PeopleSoft Application Server and Process Scheduler caches can be done as follows:

PeopleTools 8.47 or Greater

AppServer cache can be cleared from psadmin. Process Scheduler cache can be cleared by stopping the Process Scheduler and clearing the cache.

You can also use the method below.

PeopleTools 8.4n or Before

First run the following SQL:

SQL Server

update psstatus set LastRefreshDttm = getdate()


update psstatus set LastRefreshDttm = sysdate

The cache will be then refreshed when the Application Server or Process Scheduler is recycled. You can force this recycle by opening the Tuxedo command line and stopping and starting each of the servers in turn. In the next commands substitute <n> from 1 to the number of App Servers you have:

stop -g APPSRV -i <n>
start -g APPSRV -i <n>

After going through all the App Servers these will be using a new cache.