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Author: Graham Bowden, SpringBoard Solutions Limited

This applet displays a series of images, scaled to the space provided. It retains the original proportions of the picture. The images can either be named - explicitly named in the parameters or can use a prefix followed by a number (or in fact both). If named, they can use any extension and be any type supported by Java Applet images (jpg or gif). If unnamed, they must have the exteneion specified by the suffix parameter. If no suffix parameter then they must be "jpg"s. Have a look at some examples.

General Parameters


Pause time in milliseconds (for those images where a pause is not specified).. If no default pause is specified then the value 5000 is used (5 seconds). So, if no pause[n] is specified for a named picture, this is the length of the display for that picture. All unnamed pictures will be displayed for this time.


The image suffix (jpg, jpeg, gif). Do not include '.' There can only be one suffix in current version.


Background color as an integer (0-c.16,000,000). Uses HTML color values.


Path to picture number n. Include filename - e.g. image/nicepic.gif


Pause time for picture n in milleseconds. If none specified, value for defaultpause is used.


Path to any 'unnamed' images


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