Useful HTML tags understood by Excel

The list given below is not an exhastive list of all tags understood by Excel. Where there are several codes that achieve the same effect, I have only included one of them.
Tag Valid Attributes Excel interpretation
TABLE WIDTH=nn Size of entire table
TABLE BORDER=nn Width of border around table
TR - Table row
TD ALIGN=RIGHT|LEFT|CENTER Text alignment in cell
TD BGCOLOR=colour Background colour for the cell
B - Bold
I - Italic
U - Underline
S - Strikethrough
A HREF An example report
Fixed font, double   spaces
and carriage returns included.
CODE - Fixed font, double spaces and carriage returns included. Additional blank line added.
TD FORMULA For example: "=SUM(a5:a12)"
TD, TH FILTER=ALL|NONBLANK|value Creates filters
FONT COLOR=colour Text colour
FONT FACE=fontface Text font (Times New Roman)
FONT SIZE=fontsize Text size 4
TABLE CROSSTAB Creates pivot table
TABLE CROSSTABGRAND=NONE|ROW|COLUMN|ROWCOLUMN Pivot table: where grand totals to be placed
TD, TH ROWFIELD Pivot table: Type of pivot table